A multi-strand cable with diamond segments is threaded through a series of pulleys and is fed through the concrete. Since virtually no concrete structure or cross-section is too large to cut using this method, wire saws are used where other concrete cutting methods have proved impractical. We have a range of Pentruder, Tyrolit and Hydrostress machines in both Hydraulic and Hi Frequency electric which produce minimal noise and no vibration transference.

We use wire sawing where there is mass reinforced concrete, Stone, steel structures and where access is difficult and space restricted or where there is a restriction on the amount of noise that we can make. Wire saws are a very versatile machine.

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Wire Sawing ProjectsDubbo LH Ford Bridge

Diacore’s Wiresawing experts were contacted by Freyssinet for a project in Dubbo, NSW. The LH Ford Bridge required a series of 12 manholes to be cut into the bottom of 600mm in diameter, along with 300mm thick inverted Wiresaw cuts and 40mm x 400mm deep inverted cores. An experienced team of Wiresaw and Invert Drill operators were required in order to deliver the right solution for this project.

Our strategy team decided that we should use a combination of a Hicycle WireSaw and a Weka Water Proof Drill to create the cuts required by our client. These tools allowed for efficient and precise cuts to be made into the thick segments of the bridge. However, this extensive operation took 2 Diacore expert operators approximately 8 days to complete.

What is wire sawing?

Wire sawing is an ideal service for thick surfaces by using a multi-strand cable with diamond segments which is threaded through the concrete. Wire sawing is beneficial as there is virtually no cross-section or concrete structure that is too large to cut through using this method. 


If you are looking for wire sawing concrete and stone services, reach out to our team at Diacore who can assist with these services through the use of a wire saw!

When is wire sawing used?

Wire sawing is the most ideal method for thick surfaces as they are an extremely versatile machine. Wire sawing is often used when other concrete methods are not practical for the specific job, such as for mass reinforced concrete or materials such as stone or steel structures.