This equipment is used for effectively cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, conduit, brick and other masonry. Plunge cutting and square corner cutting is not a problem. We use Pentruder, Tyrolit and Hydrostress plunge saw and ICS Diamond Chainsaw for penetrations, which require no over cutting.

Our Hydraulic splitters are safe to use and have 350 tonnes of splitting pressure per head. We can use multiple heads to create large splitting pressures. When used with saw cutting, the saw and split technique can quickly remove large areas of concrete and rock such as those found in dam structures, under house and pool excavation.

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Hydraulic Splitters ProjectRock Splitting Chase Projects Curl Curl

Chase projects contracted Diacore to remove a boulder in the foundations of a building in Curl Curl, Sydney. This project required us to extract the boulder without excavators and without creating any vibrations.

Our strategy was to drill core holes with a Weka Core Drill and then split up the boulder into a number of manageable pieces using a Hydraulic Darda Splitter. These small segments of sand stone, approximately 500mm in size, were then easily removed from the site.

This rock splitting project was completed in a single day by 2 Diacore expert operators.

What is plunge sawing and when is it used?

Plunge sawing is often used for jobs that require penetrations when no over cutting is involved. Plunge sawing equipment is used for a variety of materials and surfaces such as brick, conduit, reinforced concrete and other masonry.


At Diacore we use a range of tools and machinery to assist in plunge sawing services including Tyrolit, Pentruder and Hydrostress plunge saw spending on the nature of the job.


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