We have numerous powerful and uniquely versatile machines including Pentruder, Tyrolit and Hydrostress powered by Hi Frequency electric or diesel, petrol and electric hydraulic. The largest can cut to a depth of 1000mm from one side. We have extensive track for these machines to allow mounting of up to three cutting heads for efficient and quick progressive cutting operations.

The track saw can be bolted at any angle to floors walls and ceilings various jigs and brackets allow these machines to be used in a wide array of situations.

If you have the need for professional and experienced concrete wall & track sawing services contact our team today. We’re always ready to help you carry out your next concrete wall and track sawing project with precision, making sure you achieve the quality end result that you deserve.

Concrete Wall & Track Sawing ProjectsBella Vista Hotel

Bella Vista Hotel required windows to be cut into their gaming room to provide additional ventilation. Our team cut two 8 meter x 4 meter windows into the side of the gaming room using our Tyrolit Hicycle Wall Saw.

Core hole drilling was required to prevent over cutting in the corners, where structural beams had been installed. These wall supports surrounded the new windows to provide the stability required. The panels were fish plated in place during the cutting process to ensure that a safe and secure work area was maintained.

The 8 panels we cut out from the wall were removed using a crane, thanks to the crew at Ziggy Cranes, then the panels were removed from site safely with help from Dump it Bins.

This is just one example of the quality concrete wall and track sawing projects that we’ve conducted and overseen throughout Sydney. We’re always ready to take on specialist projects large or small, so get in contact with our experienced team today.