Diacore offers a range of specialised concrete sawing services, including floor and road sawing, wall and track sawing, plunge sawing and diamond chainsaws, wire sawing, hand sawing and concrete removal.

Concrete sawing is the perfect solution for penetrating or opening concrete floors to allow access to broken water pipes or sewer lines. It’s also useful in demolition work to break up and remove cracked or unwanted surfaces such as patios, driveways or footpaths.

Our team has extensive experience in removing large pieces of concrete from bridges, wharf decks, piers and abutments, bank vaults and machinery pits or plinths. If you have the need for professional and experienced concrete sawing services contact our team today.

Additional Services

Diacore uses various types of equipment for low noise, vibration-free demolition, without risk to surrounding structures. Our equipment provides a powerful and cost effective alternative to other demolition techniques.

Hydraulic crushers are ideal for dismantling stairs and walls up to 300mm thick. They are more efficient, quieter and dust-free compared to conventional jack hammers.

Diacore can also provide environmental slurry control in situations where there is a danger of slurry seeping into storm water drains. Wet vacuums are carried in each vehicle for smaller job slurry control. We have a slurry control unit (SCU) that has a high volume vacuum unit with a capability picking up and storing 400 Litres of slurry. It also has a 1000 Litre water tank and pump for jobs that require water supply and clean up.

We have a slurry processing plant to extract the water out of the slurry to be able to dispose of the bulk dry waste.

Concrete Sawing ProjectsPile Cutting Garden Island

Georgiou Brady Joint Venture required our team to cut 2 metres of the steel piles for preparation of a new peir at Garden Island. The existing 600mm by 16mm thick steel piles were cut using a Hicycle Wiresaw installed with a Steel Cutting Wire in order to effectively make the required cuts with very little noise and debris.

This project saw two of our Diacore expert wire saw operators carry out the pile cutting process by completing approximately 10 cut piles per day.

Diacore is a Sydney-based business offering highly specialised concrete cutting, concrete sawing and core drilling services throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our projects are completed to the highest quality standards and with a commitment to safe work practices.