This process involves controlled sawing, drilling and concrete removal performed by our skilled operators using special saws with diamond-impregnated blades, cores and wire.

Working within a controlled environment, our concrete cutting methods are guaranteed to leave a smooth and attractive finish that eliminates any shock waves, vibrations, dust, noise and mess when compared to other impact methods. Concrete cutting may be needed to make structural changes or to run electrical, plumbing, cabling or other services to a specific area if it cannot be installed using other routes.

If you have the need for professional and experienced concrete cutting services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team of concrete cutting experts today.

Exceptional Concrete Cutting

By carefully following our exceptional concrete cutting methods, and by using state-of-the-art concrete sawing equipment, we’re able to successfully complete complex and challenging concrete cutting projects within a limited time.

As part of our commitment to the environment, Diacore ensures all our concrete cutting waste is disposed of in line with the most stringent of standards.

With continual advances in diamond cutting and engineered concrete removal technologies, Diacore is available to recommend the best techniques and equipment for the most efficient and cost-effective solution for a quality finished project. Our qualified site technicians are on hand throughout all project stages to provide high-level advice to architects, engineers, general contracts and government infrastructure bodies.

We believe diamond cutting and engineered concrete removal technologies are superior to conventional concrete removal methods in terms of cost, time, precision of cutting, structural integrity, and the reduction of noise, dust, vibration and debris.

Other advantages include limited access cutting and the ability to cut, drill, machine profile and modify heavily reinforced concrete structures.

Concrete Cutting
Projects161 Clarence St

We were contracted to link a series of shopping levels on Clarence St together with a spiral staircase. Our initial plan was to cut a semi-circle for the staircase, but previous concrete works had encased the central pole. We adjusted our strategy to cut 2 semi-circles with a Circular Wire Saw and join these cuts together with Wall Saw Cuts to create a half donut shape. Ultimately this decision was advantageous as it ensured that the staircase would retain the maximum level of stability.

The complete process required a combination of services including Circular Wire Saw cuts, Core Hole Drilling, Wall Sawing and the operation of a Gantry Crane, in order to cut out the shape and lower it down 4 meters to the level below. Afterwards our team used our Weka Hi-Frequency handsaws and ring saws to cut down the offcut blocks into manageable pieces for disposal.