Dubbo LH Ford Bridge

Diacore’s Wiresawing experts were contacted by Freyssinet for a project in Dubbo, NSW. The LH Ford Bridge required a series of 12 manholes to be cut into the bottom of 600mm in diameter, along with 300mm thick inverted Wiresaw cuts and 40mm x 400mm deep inverted cores. An experienced team of Wiresaw and Invert Drill operators were required in order to deliver the right solution for this project.

Our strategy team decided that we should use a combination of a Hicycle WireSaw and a Weka Water Proof Drill to create the cuts required by our client. These tools allowed for efficient and precise cuts to be made into the thick segments of the bridge. However, this extensive operation took 2 Diacore expert operators approximately 8 days to complete.

Diacore is a Sydney-based business offering highly specialised concrete cutting, concrete sawing and core drilling services throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that our projects are completed to the highest quality standards and with a commitment to safe work practices.

For more than 50 years, our business has been successfully involved in some of the most complex and logistically demanding concrete cutting projects undertaken in our region. At Diacore we have the expertise to complete unusual and difficult projects within a controlled environment and against specific constraints, including time, access, engineering and location.

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