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Our Capabilities


Diacore Pty Ltd uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to deliver specialised services in concrete cutting, core drilling and concrete sawing.

Along with these core services, we specialise in floor sawing, road sawing, wall sawing, track sawing, plunge sawing, diamond chainsaws, wire sawing, hand sawing, controlled low noise demolition, concrete removal, environmental slurry control and operational fundamentals.

Our professional expertise, proven over more than 50 years of operation, has established us as leaders in our field.

Diacore Pty Ltd operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are experts in managing time-critical projects without compromising OHS, EPA or other relevant legislation. As part of our commitment to safety, we adhere to stringent OHS standards and work procedure documentation.

Our Capabilities:

Wide range of projects

From residential and commercial to industrial construction renovations and conversions. A specialist in time critical, major projects.

Internal building

Internal concrete strip outs, stairwell, lift well, wall and column removal, modification and engineered reinforcement.

Multi-storey works

Includes air conditioning, electrical, water and mechanical service penetrations, concrete cutting and wall chasing, drainage channels and pits.

Roads and bridges

Direction cutting, concrete sawing, core drilling, traffic loop cutting, surface profiling, grinding, concrete planning, bridge abutment, pier and deck removal.

Dam, water storage and treatment projects

Large diameter drilling, dam crest re-profiling and engineered removal, underwater cutting and drilling, precision slotting for cathodic protection systems and electrical conduits.

Rail tracks, tunnels and platforms

Precision high-volume drilling operations involved in the installation, maintenance, removal and replacement of track mounting and support systems, slab anchors and rock bolts, track slab grinding, height adjustment and re-profiling. Platform lift shaft entries, platform cut backs, drilling, profiling and height adjustments. Rail tunnel work including recesses and profiling for overhead structures, tunnel wall profiling, refuge recesses and walkways in concrete and natural stone tunnel structures.

Demolition and engineered removals

All concrete structures, wharfs, silos and industrial facilities (safely and without damage to surrounding areas).

Shopping centres

After hours repairs and maintenance projects, including concrete penetrations and cutting for the installation of air conditioning ducts, storm water and drainage upgrades, lifts and escalators.

Airport construction and upgrades

Runway grooving, concrete cutting and drilling requirements for air bridge fitment, terminal modifications and runway light installations.

Hospital and nursing homes

Construction, service upgrades and maintenance with low noise projects a speciality.

Industrial shut downs

Particular experience in steel, aluminium paper and concrete plants.