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Concrete Sawing

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Our state-of-the-art equipment offers a range of specialised concrete sawing services.

Diacore offers a range of specialised concrete sawing services, including floor and road sawing, wall and track sawing, plunge sawing and diamond chainsaws, wire sawing, hand sawing and concrete removal.

Our concrete sawing techniques are used to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces such as floors, bridge decks and pavement. Our state-of-the-art equipment features a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine that requires only one operator.

Concrete sawing is the perfect solution for penetrating or opening concrete floors to allow access to broken water pipes or sewer lines. It’s also useful in demolition work to break up and remove a cracked or unwanted patio, driveway or footpath.

Diacore offers specialised concrete sawing and concrete cutting services including:

Floor and Road Sawing

Wall and Track Sawing

Plunge Sawing / Diamond Chainsaws

Wire Sawing

Hand Sawing

Diacore also has extensive experience in removing large pieces of concrete from concrete bridges, wharf decks, piers and abutments to bank vaults and machinery pits or plinths.

Concrete sawing equipment

Diacore uses various types of equipment for low noise, vibration-free demolition, without risk to surrounding structures. Our equipment provides a powerful and cost effective alternative to other demolition techniques.

Hydraulic splitters are safe to use and have 350 tonnes of splitting pressure per head. Using multiple heads will create large splitting pressures. Used with saw cutting, the saw and split technique can quickly remove large areas of mass concrete, such as those found in dam structures.

Hydraulic crushers are ideal for dismantling stairs and walls up to 300mm thick. They are more efficient, quieter and dust-free compared to conventional jack hammers.

Diacore can also provide environmental slurry control in situations where there is a danger of slurry seeping into storm water drains. Wet vacuums are carried in each vehicle for smaller job slurry control.