Core Drilling

core drilliing

Diacore can drill a variety of materials from 12mm to 1000mm in diameter.

Using conventional diamond drills, Diacore Pty Ltd has the capacity for core drilling a variety of materials including concrete, natural stone, brick and aerospace composite, from 12mm to 1000mm in diameter.

We offer our clients specialised core drilling services (a process of drilling perfectly round holes through concrete walls and floors). These services are used mainly for commercial and industrial purposes such as electrical and plumbing projects.

Diacore Pty Ltd can drill in any position – vertically, horizontally, inclined at single or compound angles or inverted.

Core Drilling Equipment

Our machinery is safe, fast and accurate.

Our core drilling equipment is powerful enough to drill through steel beams embedded in concrete and through heavily reinforced concrete structures. For high volumes, we can offer multi-drill and auto-feed solutions while maintaining the lowest unit cost operation.

Diacore Pty Ltd equipment can be at any depth and we can drill tapered holes to provide mechanical locks for bolt down applications.

For core drilling of holes over 1000mm in diameter, we have an attachment for our wire saw that can cut a round hole up to approximately 3.5 metres in diameter. For larger diameter holes and high volume enquiries, please contact our technical support team through the contact page.