Floor and Road Sawing


This is the most commonly used diamond cutting method.

It is typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks and pavement. Both asphalt and concrete can be cut using this method.

Our equipment reduces carbon monoxide levels by up to 95% and is ideal for indoor works and confined work areas. Our road saws range from 16HP to 65HP, allowing us to cut up to 600mm deep. For jobbing type work, we use a walk behind saw with 40HP petrol or a diesel motor.This machine is used for expansion joints, cutting concrete up to 300mm thick, cutting asphalt, etc.

We use a 65 HP or 72 HP walk behind saw when there is deeper cutting of up to 600mm. We also have two three-phase electric powered saws with the larger capable of cutting to 500mm deep. This equipment is used in confined spaces or where there are ventilation problems.